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Retirement Forecast

Our Retirement Forecast software will allow you to estimate the values of your A and B plans for your planned retirement date. It will ask you to specify what seat position you are in, whether or not you are a line holder, when you estimate you will upgrade (for first officers), number of hours of pay per month, and rates of contribution and rates of return on the B plan.

What if I delay my upgrade for a few years, how will that affect my retirement?
What if I don't earn the monthly max, how will that affect my retirement?
What if I retire early, how much of a hit will I take?
What if I stay past 60, how will the late retirement bonus affect me?
What if I want to factor in a hypothetical pay raise beyond the current contract?

This software will let you go back and forth and make changes like these to see how your balances will be affected. It will also correctly apply early retirement penalties/late retirement bonuses if applicable, and will find the best 60 months of your last 120 months of employment to correctly estimate your A plan. It is designed to be useful for those nearing retirement as well as new hires. You can also specify a date in the future for a pay raise and specify a percentage for the raise to simulate a new CBA in the future. It can also automatically figure out the ideal rate of contribution for your 401K to spread the funding out over the course of the year, or if you desire you can enter in a hard number for a rate of contribution to the B Plan.

It will also let you model the three retirement options available under contract 2009.

System Requirements
iOS: iOS 14+

Fusion SLI

Fusion SLI seniority list integration software. Comprehensive software for analyzing and merging airline seniority lists, printing reports and charts.
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